10 março 2020

RTP - Portuguese Radio and Television: "Art'Imagem puts "Naked Disaster" on stage"

RTP - Portuguese Radio and Television
09 March 2020

Art'Imagem puts "Naked Disaster" on stage

The Theater play "Desastre Nu", by António Aragão, opens on Tuesday at Quinta da Caverneira, in Maia, and puts on stage a tragicomedy that addresses the "urgency of destroy or reconstruct" political, economic, social or religious powers.

On stage until Sunday, four actors play nine characters in a neurotic and crazy state, promoting a kind of collective psychosis that makes them reach the emotional limit and that has the consequence of revolutionizing themselves within a society that is in crisis, said today the Theater Company Art'Imagem, in a public statement sent to Lusa news agency.

With dramaturgy and staging by Daniela Pêgo, the characters eagerly hope to reach a successful outcome and deal constantly with who they are, evading their frustration, the theater company stressed.

Focused on human behavior and exposing the incoherence and ignorance of societies, "Desastre Nu" shows men and women at an extreme limit, lonely and aggressively exposed in a fierce criticism of society, the press release stated.

"Some are born for and others against. What is the safest direction?", they question, finding themselves in reflection with the "dirty reality" of existence.

"Humanity is full of itself. It is urgent to destroy (rebuild?) power. Political power, religious power, economic power, social power, discrimination and abuse are linked in one text and on stage, in a power game with cyclical and absurdly expansive plots", they explained.

Over the course of 90 minutes, the characters promote the representation of the social crisis that humanity is experiencing, showing their "rotten ailments", the theater company said.

Humanity "smells bad, smells very bad", they stressed, adding that this theater play demonstrates the "madness of yesterday and today".

From Quinta da Caverneira, the "Desastre Nu" goes to the Municipal Theater of Bragança (April 1st), Casa de Teatro de Sintra (April 4th) and Fórum Jovem da Maia (April 8th).

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