21 janeiro 2020

The Family of António Aragão is going to sue the Portuguese State in the European Court of Human Rights

After presenting a formal complaint to the European Commission in Brussels, Marcos Aragão Correia, the only son and inheritor of all the Patrimony of António Aragão, major figure in Contemporary Portuguese Art and Culture, received a letter from the European Commission in December 2019, stating the high importance of the European Culture and that this issue must be solved through judicially means since the European Commission does not have a specific competence in this field:

"The European Commission regards the safeguarding of European cultural heritage with the highest importance. The Commission actively encourages and supports cultural activities, including in the field of heritage, within the framework of its different programmes and policies.
However, I must inform you that the European Union does not have a specific competence in this field. The upkeep, protection, conservation and renovation of cultural heritage are primarily a national responsibility. According to article 167 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, actions by the Union in the cultural heritage field are limited to encouraging cooperation between Member States and, if necessary, supporting and implementing their actions, inter alia, in view of the conservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage of European significance.
The Union adopts to this end incentive measures, excluding however any harmonisation of the laws and regulations of the Member States.",
in European Commission letter sent to Marcos Aragão Correia with reference Brussels EAC.D1/ES (2019), signed by Deputy Head of Unit Susanne Hollmann.

Consequently, the Family of António Aragão has decided to sue the Portuguese State in the European Court of Human Rights, judicial procedure that will start in the current year of 2020.

We must remember that the current government of the Portuguese Republic is a totally corrupt one, and that its current prime-minister António Costa was a key minister in the totally corrupt government of the former prime-minister of Portugal José Sócrates, accused by the public prosecution of committing 31 severe crimes, including corruption, money laundering, document forgery and qualified tax fraud. We must also understand that these accusations done by the public prosecution of Portugal were only able to take place after José Sócrates lost his chair as prime-minister and being replaced by his adversary Pedro Passos Coelho in 2011. Nevertheless, in 2015, after António Costa made a coalition with the communists (his father was one of the leaders of the Portuguese Communist Party), the corrupt portuguese Socialist Party regain the government of Portugal, and was since then trying to force the public prosecutors to cease accusing José Sócrates. This is possible in Portugal, since Portugal has always been a dictatorship, and its judicial system is controlled by the government.

As Prof. Dr. José Martins Barra da Costa (Criminologist and former Chief-Inspector of the portuguese Judicial Police) explained publicly (please refer to the link http://www.aragao.org/2018/08/dr-barra-da-costa-inspector-chefe-da-policia-denuncia-corrupcao-total-portugal.html), the chief of the Public Prosecution Office in Portugal is appointed by the portuguese prime-minister, and the judges of the Constitutional Court are appointed by the political party with the majority in the Portuguese Parliament (i.e., the government), and the same happens with the disciplinary institution that controls the judges in Portugal (the "Magistracy Superior Council") which it's able to expel judges and also to promote them to the highest portuguese courts.

Consequently, it is not to be surprised when the corrupt portuguese Socialist Party has done everything to stop Marcos Aragão Correia to sell the Art Patrimony of António Aragão to the Regional Government of Madeira, social-democrats that were disputing the elections in 2019 against the corrupt socialist mayor of the city of Funchal Paulo Cafôfo, the same criminal that has publicly promised to buy all this Patrimony for the City of Funchal in 2015, but took over it never paying a single euro to its only owner Marcos Aragão Correia. So, when in 2019 the Regional Government of Madeira announced publicly that wanted to buy the Art Patrimony of António Aragão, the corrupt government of Portugal asked to a socialist public prosecutor of the communist portuguese city of Montemor-o-Novo to accuse the son of António Aragão of "mistreatment of animals", judicial procedure started in 2019 when Marcos Aragão Correia does not live in Portugal since February 2017 and never has return since. Of course that that completely false accusation, never notified to the son of António Aragão, was delivered with a single purpose: to prevent Marcos Aragão Correia of obtaining his portuguese criminal record certificate, essential condition to make business with any public institution of Portugal. Despite Marcos Aragão Correia was never convicted of any crime in any Country, this indeed delivered the intended result - Marcos Aragão Correia could not sell until this moment and only because of this the Art Patrimony of his father to the Regional Government of Madeira, even against all evidences: Marcos Aragão Correia has never been in Portugal since February 2017 and he is a vegetarian for more than 20 (twenty) years!

Let's also remember that the current corrupt portuguese government has done everything to prevent the public prosecutor of Funchal city from accusing the socialist mayor Paulo Cafôfo, in the sequence of the court case that Marcos Aragão Correia started against him in February of 2018, suing Paulo Cafôfo for all the crimes and damages that he caused to the Family of António Aragão. The public prosecutor indeed recused without any plausible explanation (!) to investigate the denunciation, and ordered it to be archived without even hearing the accused, decision that was immediately appealed by Marcos Aragão Correia, but very strangely the portuguese colleague that was at the time representing the son of António Aragão (who also is a Lawyer) committed a severe technical fault that made impossible to compel the public prosecutor to do his job and investigate the socialist Paulo Cafôfo, as the Court of Appeal of Lisbon later confirmed saying explicitly that the court case was deemed to unsuccess due to that "technical fault".

This is Portugal, socialism and communism.

This is the reason why the majority of the Portuguese People do not vote anymore.

This is the reason why our only hope is the European Court of Human Rights, where the portuguese government has no influence at all.

21 of January of 2020,
Marcos Aragão Correia (only son and inheritor of António Aragão),
Anabel Aragão Correia (daughter-in-law of António Aragão),
Maria Aragão Correia (granddaughter of António Aragão),
João Aragão Correia (grandson of António Aragão),
Joana Aragão Correia (granddaughter of António Aragão).