10 maio 2017

Portugal is in fact a disgrace of a country

We couldn't stay indifferent with everything is happening in Portugal. After the corrupt Portuguese State persecuted, without any evidence, the innocent parents of two kidnapped little girls (Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann) instead of looking for the children and their kidnappers, after the Portuguese State being infested with corrupt politicians and their communist friends, after so many hundreds of thousands of Portuguese honest citizens being forced to live in misery in Portugal or instead to emigrate to better countries because of so much corruption and institutional thieves, now the disrespect is so "normal" in Portugal that even a portuguese police officer strangles a peaceful foreign citizen which "dared" to ask for not being robbed by the corrupt portuguese tax authority. Let's also remember that the priceless great Works of Art of Antonio Aragao, one of the most important personalities of Portuguese Culture (so considered by the experts), remain stolen by the socialist / communist Town Hall of the city of Funchal (of the portuguese island of Madeira).
Portugal is in fact a disgrace of a country, ruled by evil thieves. And it's always been that way, except when it ceased to be an independent country and was integrated in Spain, a civilized Country.
Very unfortunately for the Portuguese honest citizens, Portugal is again an independent country, ruled by malevolent thieves, followed by bananas. The shame of Europe. Here's the video.

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